Fear not the “Page Not Found” error. Use it to your advantage.

Fear not the “Page Not Found” error. Use it to your advantage.

Let’s be blunt: you want as many visitors as possible to visit — and stay — on your site. But what happens if they stumble across a “page not found” or a “404” error?

It’s a familiar and unsightly roadblock that makes a visitor’s eyes roll; then it sends them on a detour to a competitor’s site. But the super-secret truth (that we’ll share with you) is that you can use that obstacle — from a page not found to a 404 error — to your advantage.

Page errors can be a strategic way to distract visitors and pique their interest in what your business has to offer. Here are some ways to make your “page not found” bring you new-found success.

Boost Your Brand’s Image and Personality

Your business is all about your brand. Rather than having visitors stumble upon a frustrating error page that provides no information about your brand, create a chance to show off by making a few unique and clever changes that reflect your brand’s style and personality. Consider changing the message and the messenger by using memorable copy and design. By making it a positive experience for your visitors, you might encourage them to give you another chance by including information that’s relevant on that error page, and by making it easy for them to navigate to your home page.

The More, the Merrier

Instead of looking at 404 errors as nuisances, approach them as opportunities to boost the number of indexed pages your business has in search engines. This can help bring more search engine traffic your way, which can lead to more customers. All you have to do is insert links to various other pages on your website to accomplish this.

Offer Rewards to Get More Conversions

One of the most effective ways to make custom 404 errors work for you is by dangling a digital carrot in front of visitors by including information such as sweepstakes, discounts or upcoming sales.

Tips for Making the Most of 404 Error Pages

404 error pages can contain more than just a, “There’s no way out of here” message. Consider altering them in the following ways:

  • Change the standard error message that’s all about technical jargon into interesting, perhaps intriguing language that the average visitor can appreciate.
  • Add links to your home page and to your most popular blog posts to make it easy for visitors to get to know your brand better without having to go back and find these through a search engine.
  • Add a link to your contact page or social media pages so visitors can get in touch with your company.
  • Consider translating the text on these pages into different languages if your business targets customers around the globe. It’ll be a unique visual touch as well.

Got some 404 errors on your website? We’ll help you turn them into a powerful advantage for your business. Give Rebel Interactive Group a call or a ping today.

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