Desktop Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing

Updated: January 2021

The recent exponential growth of mobile consumers (using smartphones or tablets) has made mobile marketing a major focus for digital marketers and business owners alike. 

But where do mobile marketing strategies stand in comparison to desktop marketing? Where should you, as a business owner, focus your marketing efforts? In this article, we explore the difference between mobile and desktop marketing in reaching consumers, and hopefully provide better insight as to where your company should devote its marketing attention.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the winner when it comes to engaging consumers. Statistics show consumers tweet and share at a much greater rate when using their mobile devices. This is excellent for a non-profit organization that’s trying to be heard or an ecommerce site with a special sale, but maybe less important for other companies.

Mobile marketing is surprisingly more beneficial for videos, because viewers watch full-screen on their mobile phones, completely focused on your video. Whereas desktop screens typically display ads or other videos to the side of the one being shown, which allows users to get distracted from your message.

As you might expect, mobile flourishes with location-based marketing, sharing the right message to match a user’s location and actions. Looking for directions to your closest shoe store? Need a doctor? Location based mobile marketing strategies are vital to any business with a storefront, a bit less important if your business is “in the cloud.”

If these mobile trends continue, you’ll need to focus more of your efforts on mobile specific marketing, regardless of your business. This means designing advertising creative with a mobile-first mindset, as many are currently doing with websites. With some ad sizes being more popular on mobile vs. desktop, is important to optimize ad creative for the device of the consumer.

Take a look at these mobile marketing statistics, offered by Chris Warden for Convince & Convert, here. Warden notes that mobile device usage is expected to be more prevalent than desktop usage worldwide as developing countries have easier access to mobile devices than desktop computers.

Desktop Marketing is not Dead

While mobile marketing has become an effective way to connect with consumers, specifically in the e-commerce space, desktop marketing still has some distinct advantages. You are limited to what you can do with mobile phones because of the small screen and ad creative resolution, so a large desktop display gives your business the chance to shine. Take the opportunity to flesh out your message and show everything your company offers.

In 2020, 53% of online shopping traffic came from mobile devices vs. desktop computers, while desktop users still accounted for 56% of all e-commerce revenue. This leads us to believe while people enjoy browsing on their mobile device, when it’s time to make a purchase, consumers would still rather complete this action on a desktop. 

Digital Marketing Strategies

It’s not really a fight between mobile and desktop. Most consumers are now practicing “multiscreening” across their different devices, explains Danyl Bosomworth for Smart Insights (Click for Full Article). Because of this, digital marketers need quality testing across devices to make sure the experiences between them are cohesive.

Your business should utilize both desktop and mobile marketing. Run campaigns and see what the data tells you about your target audience and make campaign optimizations based on tangible trends. By focusing on both, you can capture consumers both when they’re home and when they’re outside, and you can create an effective mix of engagement and selling. More specific attention and targeting depends on the business.

For more information or if you need help with your marketing strategy, please contact us today. It’s our job to keep an eye on mobile trends and keep up with your consumers and their changing habits.

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