What’s the Deal with Google’s June 3rd Broad Core Algorithm Update?

In an unprecedented move, Google pre-announced its latest core algorithm update yesterday, which they rolled out this afternoon. Recent search algorithm updates have been heavily focused on changing how search results are ranked in order to provide more relevant search results to users.

Although Google says there’s nothing particularly special about this latest update, we’re still keeping an eye on our client’s keyword rankings and traffic. Currently, SERP volatility appears to be very low, yet this might just be the calm before the storm, so more to come on what and on whom it has impacted!


The last significant broad core algorithm update we saw was March 12, 2019, which appeared to have targeted YMYL (your money, your life) sites and focused on E-A-T (expertise, authority and trust).

Google’s official guidance on this update is that there’s nothing to fix, however, the Rebel SEO team will keep an eye on specific trends and correlations!

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