Now Under Oath

Now Under Oath

Verizon recently completed its $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo and is now in the process of merging Yahoo and AOL’s operations into a company named Oath. Oath will be comprised of 50 brands, among them AOL and their subsidiaries, Yahoo and their subsidiaries; The Huffington Post, Tumblr, Autoblog, and Verizon Digital media services.

Oath’s portfolio will allow them to leverage data from the 1.3 billion users across Oath properties, more than 100 million Verizon users, and tens of millions Verizon wireline customers. Traditionally, mobile data is one of the most difficult sets of data to collect, as cookies don’t work universally on all phones.

If Oath properly utilizes their mobile data sets and cross pollinates with their other digital properties, they could create a cross device strategy that rivals that of Google. There has never been a company with access to a large enough pool of data and engaged users to be able to compete with Google until now, that is.

Google’s stronghold in the digital media world is due to their strong portfolio and data sets that encompass mobile phone data through android and video viewing data through YouTube, as well as myriad search trends, cookie tracking, and analytics through their digital media properties.

The recent acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon and the formation of Oath finally creates opportunity to to compete on Google’s level. Now it is up to Oath to utilize this data in a way that is disruptive. Do you think Oath will be able to disrupt google and digital advertising? Click here to learn more about Oath.

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