As 2018 draws to a close, we’ve created a tribute — wrapped in rhythm and rhyme — to content marketing, to enhance your understanding and appreciation (and perhaps brighten your day).

You want to tackle content marketing
But you’re not exactly sure how;
Fear not! You’ve come to the right place
Shift your perspective, here and now.

In order to embrace this trend
Let’s first travel back in time;
To better understand the essence
Of what marketers had in mind.

It’s no surprise “digital marketing” searches
Grew alongside “content marketing” in popularity;
When you end up finding your audience
A blank website or empty ad is a rarity.

Marketers across every industry
Realize content continues to be king;
It’s the very thing that represents your brand
But value and relevance, you must bring.

Every minute we are inundated
With content from all angles;
Stop pressing publish without pausing first
It’s your message they must entangle.

Content surrounds us and delights us
It inspires and calms us, too;
But just as quickly as that occurs
Frustration and dissatisfaction can brew.

We must rebel through the noise
Putting forth content that provides value;
Shift your mindset to your audience
That’s when your content will break through.

Gather the right strategic team members
With varying skill sets and points of view;
Stand together at a whiteboard
Voila! Your perspective will be brand new.

Instead of starting with age range
Try brainstorming moments, big and small;
It’s the micro-insights that trigger ideas
That are more strategic overall.

Personify your target audience
As if they’re sitting at your table;
Describe them as a person or friend
To avoid any sort of label.

From there you’ll begin to visualize
How best to emotionally connect;
When you start to reach the human
Loyal customers are what you should expect.

Now revisit your brand story
To identify common ground;
Between what you want to say and they want to hear
There’s a sweet spot you have found.

Next, think about each channel
From what to say, when and how;
Develop your content marketing plan
Within a comprehensive marketing strategy that wows.

Let’s breakdown the old perspective
That “content marketing” equals “blog”;
New content types are endless and evolving
Those with modern perspective will leapfrog.

When you go to press publish or post
Ask yourself a simple question;
If it’s not valuable, original, insightful or memorable
Starting from scratch is our suggestion.

Review your content with the audience in mind
A maxed-out inbox makes them numb;
Try providing useful content that’s not salesy
Design and write it to convince them.

When all is said and done
We just want you to be successful;
Crushing goals and happy customers
Lead to a happy life that’s less stressful.

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