The Force of “How” is Strong

Google just released its “2017 Year In Search” review, and the message is abundantly simple and clear. The key to search success in 2018, says the internet behemoth, is “How.”

Regardless of the products or services your business offers, consumers are constantly searching for possible solutions to their own problems and needs. In light of the importance of the word, “how,” business owners — and marketers — need to ask themselves the following question: “How would a customer with a problem or need, which my products and services solve, search for my solutions?”

Let’s say you run a golf course and instructional center that offers swing analysis and instructional services. Which search term do you think your consumer is more likely to search: “Golf swing analysis and instruction in Connecticut,” or “How to solve my slice when using a driver?” You guessed it. The “how” wins.

By asking yourself the essential question, “how,” you can help your customers reach your business more efficiently. And not only will the “how” boost your search and paid media efforts, it will also give you valuable insights into where you should take your brand, website, and even your technology solutions.

So, think small. One simple word — “how” — can mean big changes for your business.

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