To VR, or not to VR. Is that the Question?

To VR, or not to VR. Is that the Question?

If you’ve picked up a newspaper, er, a mobile device recently, you’ve probably read about virtual reality (VR) technology. If you haven’t, here’s the cheat sheet: VR refers to technologies that use virtual reality headsets to generate realistic images, sounds, and other sensations to either replicate real environments or to create imaginary settings. It also simulates a user’s physical presence in environments.

But do your customers want (or need) it? It depends on your industry and on your buyers. Understanding your place in the digital space is key to determining whether or not you should get ahead of this emerging and booming technology.

Is VR for you? Here’s a chart that might help you determine an answer.

The future of VR — technologically, creatively and commercially — is vast, as will be the capacity for users to interact with it, which means not just reaching out and touching, but actually controlling the immersive experience.

Your resources may limited, but that’s where we help you creatively and strategically. Rebel Interactive is ready to build these technologies for you literally — and virtually — from scratch. We will stand ready to you hold your hand as you immerse yourself in this new body of technology. Contact us today.

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