Marketing is all about storytelling. In every campaign, we aim to tell a compelling story about a product or service that will inspire the audience to make a purchase. How do we figure out what will be captivating to each unique audience? With data. That has always been the case. However, in the past, information technology and marketing were two completely different departments. They would pass information back and forth, and yes, they would get the data that they needed, but it would take time.

No Time to Wait

Now, with the prevalence of mobile marketing and social media, marketers don’t get the luxury of time. Today’s consumers expect on-demand offers and instant gratification, and if you aren’t giving it to them, you are losing the race against your competitors. Luckily, technology allows data to be implemented in real time, allowing marketers and consumers to make the most of their money.

Data is a Big Deal

Even the Cannes Lions Awards (a.k.a. the global award ceremony for creativity in marketing) has recognized the power of statistics, facts, and figures with their new Creative Data Lions award. Suddenly, data is sexy, and the Digital Marketing Technologist is the Main Man on campus.

This new award is all about recognizing marketing companies who used data to make their campaigns soar. The winners will be able to show that because of their analysis, interpretation, or application of data they were able to take their marketing efforts to another level. For example:

  • Google – In the “Google Outside” campaign, which made it to the shortlist for the Creative Data Lions, Google used the power of data gathered from local search to display interesting stats, restaurant recommendations, and more on large outdoor screens. Not only were they showing the locals and tourists walking around what they wanted to know, they were making a strong case for their search platform.
  • Kleenex – Another example of the power of data is demonstrated in the gold-winning “Kleenex Catches Cold” campaign. Basically, Kleenex set up PPC campaigns for phrases like “cold and flu remedies,” but they didn’t do it to win the clicks, they did it to figure out which regions were suffering the worst from cold and flu season—because, clearly, those are the people that are going to be purchasing their product. Their efforts paid off, because their sales went up 40% from the prior year.

The Creative Data Lions is just the beginning of recognizing data-inspired marketing genius. The challenge has been issued, and it’s time for marketers to step up their game.

As a digital marketing agency, it is our job to bridge the gap between marketing and information technology. We have the capability and knowhow to collect the data, and the brainpower and creativity to turn this data into innovative marketing campaigns. That’s when true marketing magic happens.

To learn how you can use data to catapult your marketing efforts to the next level, contact Rebel Interactive Group today—and prepare to be blown away.

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