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The education sector has changed dramatically. Rebel creates detailed marketing strategies based on predictive forecasting models, environmental trends, and more—all geared to helping you and your institution reach your goals. We know how to be agile in a shifting marketplace.

Direct to consumer

When you’re in the D2C space, you’re likely in the sandbox with all the big players, so you need to craft a scalable, memorable marketing strategy. Rebel has the skills and the expertise to position your business for growth.


Having worked with some of the largest names in the aerospace industry, Rebel has lent our marketing expertise to businesses at the cutting edge of aerospace and technology innovations.


Rebel understands that hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and others in the healthcare space need marketing that’s unique, specific, and relevant to all audience segments—from patients and every type of practitioner to donors.


Rebel stays ahead of the curve by tracking the changes happening in the financial services industry in real time. We use that knowledge to not only acquire customers initially but retain them long-term. 

Senior Living

In the senior living category, it can be difficult to differentiate your facilities and programming from the competition. Rebel has the expertise to develop sites and programming that help senior living providers target and reach their unique audience of seniors and family caregivers.

Business to business

If you want your B2B business to thrive, Rebel can help you develop unique marketing and branding strategies that help you rise above the competition.

consumer packaged goods

Achieving success in marketing CPG brands means putting consumers first to build and maintain brand loyalty. Rebel helps you build and execute outstanding, customer-centric CPG campaigns.


Few things are more critical to consumers these days than a fast, easy online purchase. Rebel has deep experience building e-commerce platforms and working with clients to find the best solutions and platforms for their business.


Rebel can help you effectively target and reach both physicians and patients. Side effects may include a 99% chance of jaw-dropping creativity.


As software and technology change and update, Rebel can ensure that your user experience, user interface, messaging, and marketing evolve with it—all while staying true to what makes your company unique.


Rebel has vast experience working with nonprofit entities that need to leverage limited resources to establish themselves with constituents, advocates, and partners. 


The Cannabis industry offers immense opportunity, but only for those who know how to leverage it. Rebel Interactive Group’s deep and unique Cannabis industry expertise has driven success for clients navigating an ever-changing regulatory and marketing environment.