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Put Yourself In Your Students’ Sneakers

It has become increasingly difficult to capture the attention of both healthcare professionals and patients. Brands struggle to break through the noise due to impersonal, generic content and creative, along with scattershot mass advertising strategies. Rebel leverages and overlays audience data to personalize pharmaceutical marketing on platforms that have proven effective in increasing engagement and driving behavior.

Reaching Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are notoriously busy, making it increasingly difficult to capture their attention let alone secure a conversation. Rebel leverages B2B marketing techniques to reach HCPs directly on the platforms they use most, from industry publications and online news sites to professional networks. We take a data-first approach to entice and engage, highlighting study results, and promoting webinar and event opportunities. All Rebel design and creative utilizes a strong, compelling call to action that encourages HCPs to take the next step in their journey.

Patient-centric Marketing

The problem with traditional pharmaceutical marketing is that it fails to tell a realistic patient story. Rebel helps to bring your brand’s story to life by making complex information digestible and relatable. We are experienced in D2C marketing techniques to reach patients directly through personalized messaging and interactive creative at different stages of the purchasing funnel. Using search engine marketing, we help reach patients while they are actively seeking solutions. Rebel also leverages the power of programmatic to hyper-target patients based on location, demographic, and psychographic data across native, contextual, mobile, in-app, and video placements.

The future of pharmaceutical marketing is here.

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