President and Owner Allison Minutillo fully embodies Rebel’s core values: passion, curiosity, creativity, positivity, humble confidence and team empowerment. 

Allison leads by challenging, motivating and inspiring Rebels to define and execute multi-channel marketing strategies and actionable plans that simplify complexity. How does she pull off that oxymoronic feat? Through her leadership, which has created a positive, problem-solving culture that stresses progress over perfection and reinforces our dedication to client success.

In short, she gets stuff done with surgical proficiency and dizzying speed.

And she’s fearless. Throughout her meteoric rise in the company, she’s led Rebel — and its many clients by extension — through uncharted territories with her eye on business results at every step. A crusader of curiosity, Allison is “always in search of the next big thing, the next adventure and the next opportunity to learn something new.” 

As busy as she is at the office, she manages her “crew of boys” (her husband and two young sons) at home, and finds time for running and a round of golf whenever possible. “I just can’t sit still,” she says. Which is a good thing for her crew — and for Rebel. 

Hear Allison’s take on authentic leadership through our Rebel Leadership Podcast. It’s sure to challenge the status quo and trigger your next ah-ha moment.

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