User Experience Designer Audrey Brown takes a different approach when it comes to marketing and design. Audrey’s focus at Rebel is to produce systems and products that provide meaningful, relevant experiences to users. How does she do it? Well, there’s a lot of research and planning involved. User experience design involves psychology and the understanding of human behavior. As part of the Design Team, Audrey bridges the gap between beautiful, artistic design and useful, impactful experiences.

Fun fact about Audrey: She can wiggle her ears—something only about 20% of the population is capable of doing! 

A huge movie connoisseur, Audrey enjoys watching any and all horror movies available. From old school classics to the latest films, she’s watched them all. Her favorite horror movie is Rosemary’s Baby. (If you know, you know).

In her free time, she enjoys writing and reading historical novels and textbooks. (We would’nt be surprised if the textbooks are in the horror genre as well).