Creative Strategy Specialist Caitlin Redmond is our very own creative chameleon—bringing both design and content expertise to the team. Caitlin has worked with various industries spanning from food and beverage to insurance and higher education. With her creative mindset, she’s helped our clients level up their websites, paid media, and organic social media.Graphic design is Caitlin’s core specialty, though she also dabbles in copywriting, social media strategy, and photography. 

Caitlin’s creative spirit propels her to success at Rebel, and her eye for out-of-the-box design is unparalleled. She doesn’t let her canvas define her, and always looks to wow the client with her visuals. A valuable asset to the team, Caitlin is always willing to take a creative leap and see where she lands, knowing that her accomplishments are worth the risk. (Something she proves with every project she takes on!)

Caitlin works hard, but plays harder. Her adrenaline-junkie ways extend beyond her professional life. She has fond memories of swimming with sharks in Mexico and traveling around Europe for 3 months on a whim. However, her fearless nature does not extend to insects (she has a huge phobia of bugs) and she’d much rather take on a shark than a dragonfly. (We’ll have to disagree with her on that one.)

When she’s not fending off bugs or backpacking around the world, Caitlin enjoys recreational photography and playing with her cat, Marie. The best way to get to know Caitlin is to ask for photos of her cat, and then share some of your own! (Warning: she may have feedback on your framing technique, but pay attention! Her critique is always valuable.)