Director of Technology Strategy David Benoit has nearly a decade of experience in agency work and has built hundreds of websites. Specializing in email marketing and automation technology, David is invested in the art of optimizing and automating workflow for the benefit of clients and employees. 

David’s never-ending quest of improvement is reflective of his personality: he’s never afraid to step outside of his comfort zone to learn more. David’s philosophy aligns well with the Rebel mission, and his dedication to innovation makes him a perfect fit for the company. 

David’s favorite movie quote, “Skate better” from Brink!, helped inspire some quotes of his own: “‘Code better,’ ‘cook better,’ ‘clean better,’  ‘blank better’ whenever I have trouble with something. The answer is always so easy. Just it, better. Makes me laugh and then I just continue trying.” 

David’s exuberance extends to his love of singing! Though he is never afraid to sing in front of people, he admits that the lyrics he sings are not always the right ones. But he doesn’t let this stop him from serenading whoever happens to be around. We expect him to be first in line on karaoke night!