Senior Director, Client Delivery David Givens began his odyssey in digital marketing in 1997 and brings a wealth of experience to Rebel in project management, quality assurance, and automation. He leveraged his experience and savvy as a project manager while working with brands such as Middlesex Health, Caremark, Konica Minolta, Liberty Bank, McDonald’s, and more.

David is no stranger to rebellion. He says, “the six saddest words in business are ‘we’ve always done it that way.’” David brings projects to life by approaching and aligning solutions with a greater vision. He comes with an excitement to explore synergies and discover nimble efficiencies to develop meaningful results. 

Fun fact: Projects aren’t the only thing David is good at managing. He’s also been a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master since 1979. So, it’s no wonder he’s so good at storytelling. In fact, he even hosted five different radio shows and dreams of returning to the airwaves one day. With his token radio voice, we could certainly listen to him talk for hours (even if it’s about HTML)

Outside of the office, David’s passion lies in hospitality and service. He is happiest when he is cooking for others, like when he made chili for ~500 people. He is a lover of music and comedy and has attended shows by the likes of John Mulaney, Nick Kroll, The Stray Cats, Loverboy, and more. David also enjoys travel and warm climates; as he comes to us live from his satellite office in Boynton Beach, Florida. Is it nice down there, David? Well, that’s got to be a Givens.