Business Development Operations Manager Emily O’Toole joined Rebel as an intern and now manages projects for the NBD team. Emily has experience in promotional marketing, WordPress development, marketing coordination, email marketing, social media management, and site development, giving her a holistic perspective on the marketing landscape when managing projects for new clients. 

As proven by her work history, Emily is always pushing herself to do more: “I always want to move forward. I never want to be stagnant and comfortable in my lifestyle. I challenge myself to always learn and push myself to be in opportunities I may not want to be in initially, or know how to conquer.” This mindset propelled her career at Rebel and her personality is one that everyone enjoys having at the office. 

This energy extends to Emily’s personal life —she spends her free time woodworking and practicing to become a nail technician on the side. Despite being so active, Emily appreciates sleep. But when time is running low, a Red Bull will suffice. In fact, we’ve never seen Emily without one in hand. (Maybe the next challenge she should tackle is drinking water.)