Emily O'Toole Professional Headshot

Digital marketing strategist Emily O’Toole “loves creating pitch decks and proposals and anything else” that’s thrown her way. She also likes to “get her hands dirty” with projects rather than being on the sidelines, watching and waiting. 

Emily says she’s a big fan of excitement, which she craves. Whatever else she craves, she’s unable to make it herself. “I cannot cook. I eat TV dinners.” However, she does excel at making a notable buffalo chicken dip, as well as creating — not in the kitchen — digital art, printable stickers and magnets, as well as transforming photos of friends and family (and their dogs) into cartoon characters.

Another essential fact to know about Emily: she “hates to drink water” and instead lives on coffee, Red Bull, Gatorade and sparkling water, not to mention the occasional cocktail. In her free time, Emily also loves embroidery, woodworking, and hanging out with her dogs. Hopefully, she lets THEM drink water…