Senior specialist, advertising and search Jackie Mullady is a self-proclaimed klutz who drops anything that’s breakable, with the exception of her children (whom she promises she hasn’t dropped once). In fact, she uses a heavy-duty Otterbox to protect her phone from the slippery clutches of her three-year-old, or she claims.

But what she never drops is the proverbial ball. Jackie is great at innovating, communicating and keeping people — and projects — on track. And with a background in print, digital and digital ad operations, she likes to think of herself as a digital Jackie of all trades. (She said that. She really did.)

To unwind — and only when her kids aren’t in the car — Jackie blasts DMX, Drake, Lil Wayne and other artists on the stereo, and raps as loudly as possible. Don’t ask her whether or not she drops any notes…

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