Senior Content Creator Jon Feld has worked in content creation for over 25 years and has experience developing and managing content marketing campaigns and strategies. He has mastered every level of the content creation process — from directing teams to editing drafts — and develops dynamic content for clients across a range of industries. 

Despite his wealth of experience, Jon is always open to learning something new and enjoys working closely with his team members. He values diversity of skills on a team and strives to absorb all he can from coworkers with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Beyond his professional life, Jon enjoys writing poetry in his free time, constantly practicing and improving in his craft. However, Jon doesn’t live a slow life: he’s bungee-jumped off Victoria Falls, raced motorcycles, and enjoys working on upgrading his other vehicles. His one weakness? Eggplant parm, a meal that Jon claims to be irrationally afraid of. (Don’t ask — it’s a long story.)