CRM & Marketing Automation Specialist Jonathan Mumby efficiently generates results for client projects through paid advertising channels. He deftly manages client paid media accounts and always goes the extra mile to ensure success in every project. Jonathan, or as he prefers to be called, “Mumby,” inspires us with his work ethic and keeps us on our toes. Other than his expertise in paid media, he also has an extensive background in web development, film, and design. 

Mumby believes in focusing on the end goal and taking the necessary steps to achieve it, a philosophy he developed when participating in the United States Youth Senate Program. He spent over 7 years working with government officials and organizations. The best part of this program? “I spent a week in D.C. where I met former President Obama and had dinner with Senator Blumenthal in the Kennedy caucus room.” (We’re hoping he can introduce us someday!) 

Here’s a fun fact about Mumby: he’s a roller coaster enthusiast. He owns roller coaster and theme park design software and according to him, “my dream is to build a few roller coasters in my dream home backyard.” (Maybe we can build a custom Rebel roller coaster at the office?) 

Despite these lofty goals, Mumby values relaxation on his days off. You’re most likely to find him hanging out in his rooftop lounge on the weekends, or fishing with friends. (Keeping that work-life balance is key!) 

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