Account Executive Justin Torres has over five years of experience in marketing and has worked in film production, account management, content creation, news broadcasting, and more. Justin’s wealth of experience allows him to handle every aspect of account management at Rebel. 

Before joining Rebel, Justin’s claim to fame was his work with The Asylum, “a low budget mockbuster company,” in his words. His work can be seen in films such as Transmorphers and The Apocalypse (his full filmography can be found on his IMDB page). After trying his hand at film, Justin switched to marketing in medical media, then moved on to work as an senior producer in news broadcasting. 

Despite this exciting career, Justin’s hobbies are relatively lowkey: “Play video games before my fiancé wakes up and steal the good TV. Go out exploring upper New England off-roading (you can always guess which vehicle is his in the parking lot), bike, hike and explore breweries.”

Our favorite fact about Justin? According to him, “I was in a Linkin Park type band based in Hessen, Germany. Almost spoke fluent German, but when I moved there in 2005, everyone wanted to speak English and I forgot it all.” (We are slowly but surely building a Rebel band and Justin is now on the roster!)