Technical Project Manager Kit Lankester has worked in marketing for six years and counting. After beginning his marketing career in London as an account executive, he made the move to Connecticut and has gained a wealth of agency experience as a technical project manager. Among his many strengths, Kit specializes in managing email strategy processes, software and website development, and digital transformation. 

What makes Kit a Rebel? According to him, “I like to challenge the status quo in pursuit of continuous improvement.” When working with technology, constant advancement is the goal. Kit has demonstrated the importance of this mindset in the digital space, taking on large corporate website redesigns and international rollouts, managing software development projects, and taking on experiences in the SaaS space. 

Kit’s weekends aren’t any less ambitious. Kit is on the path to climb and conquer all 48 of the 4,000 foot mountains in New Hampshire, and he spends his free time working on his fixer upper, hiking and adding to his extensive sock collection. (His favorite pair? The ones with his cats’ faces on them, of course!)