Manager of Marketing Strategy Kyrie McCormick has spent her time at Rebel in a variety of roles, including paid advertising, content marketing, and even graphic design. As a brand strategist, Kyrie helps clients define their brand identity, attributes, messaging, design and more. She’s worked with brands across all verticals and excels in the creation of Go-To-Market plans. With her extensive industry knowledge, Kyrie looks at brands holistically and helps them find their sweet spot when positioning them in their industry.

Kyrie’s favorite question to ask both clients and Rebels? “Why?” It’s a simple question, but often one that stops you in your tracks. She enjoys uncovering the truth and core beliefs behind a brand. She’s a true Rebel at heart and always questions the status quo. She enjoys a challenge and is always quick to think on her feet. Her other talents include lip-syncing, rugby, and saying the alphabet backwards (though she has yet to prove that last one). 

Kyrie’s daily activities outside of work involve buying an unnecessary amount of plants, sleeping, and making chicken pot pie. Kyrie makes a point to finish at least one book a week and particularly enjoys reading thrillers. Despite these scholarly activities, she also shamelessly enjoys bad reality television, which she binges on the weekends. (Chicken pot pie and reality TV? Sounds like a party!) 

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