Madelin Gomez enjoys dabbling with visuals, design and copy — interests that serve her well in her role as content creator. Before joining Rebel, Maddie was a copywriter, content and digital media manager at a Connecticut-based agency, where she oversaw content creation, scheduling, and original and third party curation.

A lifestyle blogger and “avid cocktail lover” (join the club), Maddie is also a big fan of The Office (join the club). Among her favorite quotes (we knew you’d ask) is: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” ~Wayne Gretzky via Michael Scott.

Maddie also enjoys ziplining, and during a particularly fast (40 miles per hour) run down a particularly high line (tallest in the Carribean) in the Dominican Republic, she was relaxed enough to “go upside down and do fun tricks.” (Not joining that club.)

Here’s a fact about Maddie you need to know: Her thumbs are different from each other. That’s right: one of her opposable digits is a “toe thumb,” and as its description implies, said thumb looks more like a toe. “It runs in the family,” she says. “My mom has one also, and she got it from her dad, who had two toe-thumbs.”

Cocktails, ziplining, The Office and content creation extraordinaire? We give Maddie two (toe) thumbs up.