Manager of Advertising Strategy, Matt DiStasio has spent the last 6 years working with various marketing agencies throughout Connecticut. Before joining Rebel, he was a digital marketing specialist working primarily with home improvement contractors. Matt also has an extensive background in branding and offline marketing strategies.

At Rebel, Matt works closely with our home improvement clients to optimize their businesses through paid media, programmatic and native display advertising, and search engine optimization.

Matt is a man of many talents. In high school, he was voted most comedic. “It’s been downhill since then as I’ve failed to live up to the title,” he says, but we think he’s pretty funny. If you’re looking for a laugh (or a groan) you may catch a few of his jokes on a call or in the office. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys mountain biking, playing drums and bass guitar. Fun fact, many of our Rebels are musically talented. Be on the lookout for our mixtape dropping soon.