Content & SEO Specialist Samantha Brey has years of experience writing for and working with digital marketing agencies, technology companies, and higher education institutions. As part of Rebel’s creative team, Samantha writes website and email copy, long-form and short-form blog content, and advertising material for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. 

When it comes to her writing, the sky’s the limit. Speaking of the sky, Samantha actually flew a plane once, with an experienced pilot’s guidance, of course. She is never afraid to approach the unapproachable and is always looking to learn something new.

Here’s a fun fact about Sam: She has a pet betta fish named after Freddie Mercury. Although he can’t sing, he puts on a mean aquatic dance performance. No surprise here, but her favorite song is Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. (We love a Rebel with great taste in music).

In her free time, Sam enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her three dogs Milo, Biscuit, and Cooper. Did she name her dog Biscuit because of her love for baking? We think so.