Senior account executive Samantha Manz is our jack of all trades. From digital to event marketing, there’s nothing this go-getter can’t do. With over five years experience in account management, Sam has worked at a variety of agencies in Connecticut and New York.

Sam is collaborative, detail oriented, and always thinking far outside of the box. She likes to push boundaries and is always looking to try new things.

Here’s one fun fact about Sam: She owns a small cottage food bakery where she specializes in honey-lavender blondies and espresso cupcakes. Yum! A self-proclaimed snacker, she carries snacks with her no matter where she goes. “If you find me without any snacks, please seek help immediately.” (We feel you Sam.)

An avid aficionado of beers, Sam regularly competes in German stein holding competitions. Holding a 1-liter stein of beer without spilling a drop, she won and achieved her personal best at 30 seconds. It doesn’t sound like much, but you try it and let us know how you do!

Beers, baked goods, and snacks. Sam fits in perfectly here at Rebel.