Sarah Reidel Professional Headshot

A native Floridian who relocated to Connecticut both for seasonal variation and the wealth of hiking opportunities, Sarah Riedel is motivated by the opportunity to learn and grow her knowledge of the digital marketing space at Rebel.

Throughout her career, senior project manager Sarah has worked in project management/client services at advertising agencies in both Connecticut and Florida. She’s worked in restaurant and food service, healthcare, senior living, transportation/mass transit, and education.

She’s also “super into DIY-ing,” and admits to being completely addicted to Pinterest. In fact, whenever she contemplates new decor for her house, a new toy for her toddler or a new recipe for dinner, she takes to Pinterest to hunt down the homemade versions thereof. “My first thought is always: ‘could I make this myself?’” But within reason: Sarah admits to her fair share of Pinterest fails.

Regardless, we’re still going to ask her to make us that new recipe for dinner.

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