Digital Production Manager Steven B. needs people to understand something about working for Rebel — and about being able to work remotely: “My two dogs are my administrative assistants. It’s interesting that I haven’t been receiving any of my messages.” So, just in case you were wondering…

He also wants people to know something else about being a Rebel: at his (crazy) young age, he feels as if he’s found his dream career. And we are happy to have him for the rest of his life. Why? Because Steven is relentless. He’s driven, curious, motivated and thrives on knowing all the details. In short, he’s a workhorse.

Steven’s our go-to guy on the dev team. From prepping copy decks and creative briefs to creating social posts and managing social accounts, Steven gets it done before most people have their first morning cup of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, he treats it a lot like oxygen (full time infusions). Also, he’s a genuinely nice person (unless he forgets to eat some breakfast with that coffee, but that’s whole other topic.)

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