Digital Operations Manager Steven Black has touched nearly every department at Rebel in his 6+ years here. He began as a social media freelancer, joined the team full-time as an account executive, and began learning the ropes of web development. From there, he took on a project manager role, in which he excelled before most recently becoming our Digital Operations Manager. Steven now spends his time finding new methods to maximize efficiency on every level at Rebel.

Steven values his mobility in the agency: “I want to learn and grow, without being confined by a job title. I want to work with a team that’s always pushing boundaries. I want to help make the best deliverable, better, and learn from the worst.” (We look forward to seeing what role he tackles next!)

Steven’s claim to fame is his leading role in a Buick commercial, which he concepted and starred in himself. He also proudly states, “My grandparents live across the street from Matthew Perry’s grandparents… so I can say I’ve swam in Matthew Perry’s family’s pool.” 

Despite these famous connections, Steven is a down-to-earth guy who enjoys spending time with his family and hiking with his dogs. He also likes boating, and considers time spent on the water as his “second home.” (We know if he could find a way to work remotely from his boat, he would!) 

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