Eaglemoss is a publishing company that licenses and produces publications and collectibles for many well-known icons of popular culture including: Lord of the Rings, Alien vs. Predator, Star Trek, Dr. Who, James Bond, The Walking Dead and DC Batman Universe. Eaglemoss also produces cooking, craft and military watch collections, and build-your-own models including a build your-own-3D printer.


Video Production, eCommerce Solution, Animated Banners and Paid Media Advertising


Eaglemoss appeals to a unique and specialized market that respects attention to detail and savvy visual production. Rebel was challenged with presenting Eaglemoss’ well-researched and well-crafted creations to fan culture devotees, inspiring them to action.


Rebel partnered with Eaglemoss to develop a pilot program for U.S.-based online sales based on a unique online user experience called a Digital Kiosk, which gives users the ability to purchase Star Trek Starship collectibles as a one-time purchase or on a subscription-based model. Rebel also developed visually appealing videos and animated banners for The Walking Dead, Alien vs. Predator and Star Trek collections for placement on Eaglemoss’ website and social media channels. Rebel also managed paid advertising on Facebook and Google for the Alien v. Predator collection that drove qualified subscriptions at a substantially lower cost per acquisition.

My experience with the people at Rebel Interactive has been excellent. They are creative, energetic and always go the extra mile. Highly recommended!

Dean Jenard
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