Freestyle has blended California Beach Culture and Ocean Performance to create an iconic brand of unique, irreverent, water-resistant timepieces epitomized by the Shark Watch.


Development of Companion App for Bluetooth-Enabled Watch and PPC Campaign Management


Companion App
Freestyle’s watches already had an impressive following in the surfing community, but Freestyle wanted to appeal to a more tech-savvy consumer by launching their version of a smartwatch. Rebel was tasked with developing the companion app that would sync with and send alerts to the watch in real-time.

Advertising Campaign Management
Freestyle also recognized an opportunity to grow their direct to consumer business with Digital Marketing.


Companion App
Rebel worked with the client to identify key alert features and value-added functionality that would make the app a great companion to the watch as well as a standalone app. The core features included alerts for texts, emails, incoming calls, and calendar entries that were sent right to the watch. The ability to track Activities through GPS coordination and functionality to control your phone’s camera and music player from the watch.

The gem of the app functionality is an integration with Wavetrak, which pushes real time global surf and weather conditions to the app and subsequently alerts to the watch. Users are able to set alerts for their favorite beaches and surfing locations within the app so they always know when the “surf’s up, Dude.” Surfers can get up to the minute, location by location information on tide, wave height, swell direction and period, wind direction and speed and air and water temperatures.

Advertising Campaign Management
Paid Search Campaign Management – Rebel implemented integrated paid digital campaigns that included targeted Google Adwords, Facebook Look-a-Like, and retargeting campaigns that drove a significant increase in sales through the website with a very favorable ROI (over 300% ROI).

Bryn and his crew were outstanding. Our firm received practical advice. Rebel provided cost effective help that will make us operate better as a business.

Daniel Dwyer

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