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Taking a Deeper Digital Dive

It sounds like a fairly straightforward proposition, but there was a twist: MoO and its partner agency were smart, strategic, and sophisticated, but they weren’t fully leveraging all the digital opportunities available to them in terms of amplifying the content through digital marketing. Enter Rebel.  

“Coupling their extensive market knowledge with our data-driven insights, we were able to build on MoO and its partner agency’s existing digital efforts,” says Rebel president and co-owner Allison Minutillo. “Together, we were able to augment what existed and help accelerate their digital footprint.”

Rebel turned out to be the perfect complement to MoO’s existing agency, and we wound up creating an excellent working partnership.

The Rebel Approach

As with any project, Rebel took a data-first approach to MoO’s niche target audiences, focused on learning: 

  • Which channels perform the best?
  • Which content drives the most engagement, in-platform and on-site?
  • Which channels and placements drive the most traffic?
  • How many pieces of content does it take to drive a quality site visitor?
  • How many quotes or apps were driven from these placements?
  • What’s the right channel mix for each audience to drive high-quality site traffic?

What we learned about content destinations and content consumption drove Rebel’s suggested approach: Deliver differentiated, engaging, relatable, and inspiring content, relevant to where a consumer is in their customer journey, and that provides trusted guidance in leading them to their next best step toward a meaningful insurance solution. And, of course, this would involve a lot of creative testing in order to develop optimal messaging.

The campaign featured a combination of paid and organic media, video, influencer marketing, native content placements, and programmatic campaigns.

Ultimately, the results validated our approach. Rebel’s initial MoO programmatic, social, and YouTube campaigns garnered 21,588,628 impressions and 213,071 clicks. In the year since the campaign launch, their website enjoyed the following increases: 13.76% users, 16.34% sessions, and 13.97% average session duration.

“But for Rebel, this project was as much about relationship-building as it was delivering results,” adds Allison. “We were able to seamlessly join an existing integrated agency team without creating any competitive issues and successfully amplify MoO and its partner agency’s content, digitally.”