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Client Overview

The Ultimate Resource for Event Engineering, Technology and Imagination
In 2007, Scharff Weisberg merged with Video Applications, forming WorldStage Inc., among the most diverse companies in the entertainment technology field; not only terms of services but also in the markets served. WorldStage provides audio, video and lighting technologies worldwide to the corporate, artistic and theatrical communities, which require unique and imaginative technical solutions for live event spectacles, large meeting presentations, and permanent installation needs.


Website Redesign and User Experience
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Showcasing a variety of content across the company’s various sub-brands -- event tech, theatre and arts, and more -- and facilitating site navigation from different target audiences so they could find what they need on the website. WorldStage challenged Rebel to devise a compelling way to speak visually and simultaneously to varied audiences about all WorldStage products and services, as well as provide their customers with a functional, easy-to-navigate website.

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Rebel Solution

Rebel worked directly with WorldStage’s marketing, creative, and executive teams throughout the UI, design, and development stages to deliver a top-class website that reflects the stunning visual piece of the WorldStage business, as well as nurtures leads that visit the site.

Very happy with their recommendations, but always impressed by how Rebel tackles problems with a mixture of common sense and outside-the-box thinking.

Andrew Harris

worldstage Platform Design & Development

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