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Speeding Load Times, Rationalizing Content, Saving Search

The challenges in creating the site were twofold. First, we needed to highlight all of their work without using massive file sizes, which would slow the site load time and deter search. Second, we had  to condense the huge amount of content on their original site, which made much of their best work difficult to find. The goal was to ensure that consumers could still find the most popular content and be intrigued enough to contact and work with XVIVO directly.

Rebel built the site on a robust content management system in a manner that allowed for custom design and content that highlighted their animations, illustrations, and process. This solution resulted in a website that looked more modern, provided a solid user experience, was responsive across device types and browsers, loaded quickly, was secure, and was search-engine friendly. 

With the new site in place, XVIVO has seen an increase in quality leads and a corresponding decrease in irrelevant leads. Conversion rates for phone calls and form submissions are in the double digits. Their content is more easily accessible, proven by reduced bounce rates and an increase in average session duration. Ultimately, the redesigned website serves XVIVO’s business needs while meshing visually with their stunning illustration and animation work.