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Rebel Leadership® Podcast

One day, we were leading in the only way we know how — rebelliously. Rebel’s President, Allison Minutillo, was having a hard conversation with one of our biggest clients. She had the courage to say the things everyone on both teams wanted to say. 

Allison’s client texted her afterwards saying how inspired she was and asked, “Did you know that there’s a concept called Rebel Leadership?” We were living the 8 principles of Rebel Leadership in our daily actions without realizing there was a larger, researched concept at play. 

Allison came running to Bryn Tindall, Rebel’s CEO & Owner, right away saying, “We have something big here.” And he said the magic word that started it all: “Podcast.” It was the platform that would bring together three key things: our vision + our voice + our values.

Allison and Nicki recording a podcast

Nurturing growth in others is our goal—and, as leaders, it’s our ultimate responsibility. Through this podcast, we share some key growth moments and learnings with our audience in hopes they can use those lessons to have an effect on the people they lead or will lead in the future.

Victoria and Allison recording a podcast

Leadership isn’t taught; it’s experienced. Through the power of voice,

Leadership isn’t taught; it’s experienced. Through the power of voice, let’s change how leaders lead and smash the status quo with each story that unfolds. Listen, reflect, and embrace your next ah-ha moment. 

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Hosted by our President & Owner, Allison Minutillo

Bryn and Allison recording a podcast

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It’s our responsibility as leaders to give our time back to the industry in meaningful ways; if we can inspire others or make them see a perspective they hadn’t seen before, that’s what life and leading are all about.

If you or someone you know wants to join in on the conversation, fill out the form below for the possibility to be featured on a future episode of the Rebel Leadership® Podcast. 

Share your voice, share your advice, share your story. 

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