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TL;DR: Growth is only possible if your business is actually ready

If you can’t answer yes to these questions, it may have more to do with your focus than anything related to your abilities. It’s not uncommon to be so involved with the day-to-day operation of your business that it takes an outside perspective to help you see the opportunities to revolutionize it. That’s why we’re here. When we unearth the answers to those questions for your business, we find the insights that help us build solid plans and envision the road ahead—together. 

Business Consulting & Strategic Planning

How many times have you heard the phrase, “let’s think about this strategically”? Strategy has become such a buzzword that it’s nearly lost its meaning. The challenge is not just thinking strategically, but doing so in the context of your business’s purpose and perspective. Let’s put an end to the buzz and eliminate the “I think” bias. When it comes to effective communication, it’s what you know, not what you think.

Market Intelligence & Data Science

Hello? Is anyone out there? That’s what most companies are helplessly asking. Not us. Not you. Not anymore.

Rebels dig into the digital data to discover true, often overlooked market insights—and we don’t stop there. We turn this digital intelligence into overarching market insights that outline the competitive landscape and pinpoint customer behavior patterns. Knowledge is power. Let’s see what (and who) is out there. 

CX, UX, and UI

Have you ever visited a store that doesn’t have clear signage? It’s a lot like clicking through a website that doesn’t have solid navigation. The problem? A lack of understanding about the user experience and what causes them to abandon their journey or depart without converting. 

Branding & Messaging

Data-driven marketing and brand strategy are deeply connected; one should not exist without a solid understanding of the other. Rebels understand that, in order to conquer a market, data must be consulted and competitors must be profiled.

CRM and Marketing Automation

How is your customer data working for you? When used properly, a CRM system can grow your business in the background, keeping in touch with your customers and nurturing them down the funnel. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing CRM or you’re a first-timer, navigating the options and best practices can seem overwhelming. 

Email Marketing

Search engine marketing and digital marketing have become peers and found parity in a business’ marketing strategy. Meanwhile, users are inundated with content — especially emails, with estimates at 293 billion daily. 

The thrust of email marketing has shifted to correlate with our growing ability to gather and parse data. It’s moved from a “scattershot, boil-the-ocean” tactic focused on quantity and frequency, to a much more sophisticated, data-backed, personalized solution.


Similar to recent advances in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, large-scale data consolidation, and Digital Transformation, AI presents strategists with new opportunities to quickly explore challenges, parse and interpret data, and evaluate potential outcomes from several different courses of action. 

The Rebel team has seen a great deal of initial value in leveraging AI to accelerate contextual data (e.g., competitive, customer, and market trends, etc.). In that respect, AI creates opportunities for our strategists to develop data-informed insights and build plans and models at scale. The next step for our team: utilizing AI to project and help us create the future realities our clients seek. We plan to be ready when AI can help create net-new approaches beyond its current capability to aggregate and summarize the past.