BUSINESS Virtualization services for a modern age

Virtualization is the act of shifting a business’ previously in-person core functionalities to the digital age as either a competitive advantage, or a necessity.

From Sales to Live Events, Virtual Trainings and even Culture Building, Rebel will bring its expertise to navigate, strategize collaboratively with your business, and even execute on transforming your business to move beyond in-person into fully virtual or hybrid models that are positioned for future-proofed success.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Paraphrasing Charles Darwin


virtual live events

Bring your next event to life even for those who cannot attend in person.

From virtual galas and fundraisers to trade shows and auctions, the digital medium allows for everything from basic presentation to complex gamification, ticketing, audience marketing and more.

virtualizing sales

With the handshake replaced by the elbow bump or the “zoom wave”, a unique opportunity is now present to re-shape the way we think about the sales process.

From email automation to data unification and CRM flow solution management, it was time to shake up the way that sales were done even before the current pandemic.

virtualizing culture

Just because we’re distant doesn’t mean that we have to be distant.

Creative, imaginative and innovative experiences, aimed at bringing teams closer together and enjoyed right from the comfort of your home, Rebel will not only bring your culture to life but also amplify it.

The world has CHANGED.

Change is never easy. It can be slow and almost unseen like the erosion of boulders over eons or or furiously fast and intense as wildfire consuming and altering the landscape in hours — but it is never easy. 

With COVID-19  as the catalyst, we are living in the heart of the wild fire. As buildings and businesses around us shutter, isolation has become a way of life. Now, we’re left with a choice: 

Wait and hope or adapt and overcome.  

the rebel approach to virtualization

Working with Rebel means working with a group of experts that have virtualized everything from the entire way that a company does business to suggesting and implementing only a few key changes that make a large impact. Through a multi-step process, we work through the most important elements for success with each client and tailor a bespoke roadmap for success no matter the scale of the ask.


The world is changing. Even before COVID there were massive forces acting on and changing the way that we sold, interacted, built relationships and communicated. Now, standing in the wildfire, it’s more important than ever to take the right steps.

This starts with discussion and ideation. It starts with acknowledging where we are today and what has changed, as well as what will continue changing, with rapid dialogue and discovery to uncover what had worked best for you prior – and what needs to change.

  • Discovery, discussion & ideation
  • Data modeling
  • Market & competitive analysis


The second phase is about adaption. It’s recognizing the new world, and choosing a deliberate path forward. Here, Rebel presents a roadmap for success including opportunities for virtualization and the potential risks and rewards of each option.

Ranging from simple but powerful to complex and radical, Rebel will make use of your advantages and show how best to pivot them to a virtual environment – as well as what gaps exist and solutions for how to fill them.

  • Virtualization Roadmap
  • Strategy outline
  • Tiered risk/opportunity options
  • Execution plan


Adaption to the new norm is not enough, but the wildfires of change have opened the floodgates to vibrant and innovative opportunities in which to be a leader and model in your niche.

To evolve, we will step beyond the everyday adaptation occurring across every industry and instead explore what’s next; to raise the bar on what virtualization means, and to thrive.

Here, our wildest ideas are tested and implemented in ways that potentially change the way that your business operates forever.

  • Next-generation thinking and experimentation
  • Beta technology access
  • Case study opportunities

Need, Not want

Even before COVID-19, Rebel and other companies had been virtualizing our services and figuring out new ways to reach audiences beyond the handshake.

When the wildfire reached us, we were ready. We had the tools and the plan to adapt without missing a beat. In-person meetings became Zoom calls. Happy hours became gamified virtual activities with shared drink recipes. Handshakes were replaced with virtual signing solutions.

Those who were already experimenting, grew. As change came, we saw new areas of opportunity blossom even as we altered our understanding of normal – and those learnings are here to stay.

don’t survive. Thrive.

Adaptation is just the beginning. As more companies digitize, customer expectations change, and having adapted to survive will not be an advantage: it will be an expectation. This is an opportunity for us to grow and develop into something new and unexpected. As the technology around us continues to evolve and accept the new reality, so too can we elevate your services and offerings above the competition. 

Virtual Amplification+

The world still needs what you make. All that it takes it being willing to re-evaluate your surroundings and find your niche once more. To amplify your message, your service, your culture, your product or your brand. Combined with the Rebel Core Service offerings, our solutions are holistic strategies and roadmaps for success and growth.

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