Emerging Technology

Leverage Emerging Technology To Amplify Your Brand

For us new technology is an obsession, and we follow its rise, and occasional fall, very closely. Emerging technology is often described as game-changing technology that is five to ten years away from becoming commonplace.

At Rebel, we look at emerging technology a little differently – we don’t want our clients to be commonplace, we want them to be way, way ahead of the curve.

By understanding your business needs and looking at them from many different perspectives, we’re able to suggest and implement technological solutions that are still largely unknown to your competitors. We use our experience across many different industries to understand technology from one industry and apply it to others. 


For us at Rebel, this is the fun part of our job, when we get to challenge ourselves, think outside all the boxes, and simply play with technology.

So what are we playing with now? Some of our current projects include Mixed Reality (AR/VR), Conversational Architecture (AI/Chatbots), and Gaming for business. But, all this fun might change tomorrow, as new technology comes flying down the road. And we’ll be ready for it.

Rebel’s consulting services include technology brainstorming, strategy, gap assessment, roadmap creation, vendor evaluations/selection, and technology implementation.

Emerging Technologies that we’re currently working with:

  • Voice-Activated Technology
  • Mixed Reality
  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Online gaming
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Facebook and Snapchat filters and AR 
  • Customer/Employee Portals
  • Microsite Builders
  • 360 Degree video
  • Drones
  • Interactive Kiosks

Emerging Technology Projects include:

  • Kenneth Cole Watch hologram kiosk
  • Bank of America Merchant Services Android presentation
  • Kenneth Cole Watch Android presentation
  • XVIVO/St Judes interactive presentation
  • Freestyle Watch Bluetooth Connected App
  • Kaman IoT AR App
  • Rebel Interactive Group AR App
  • National Lloyds Insurance Spin Wheel Game
  • United Healthcare/Caterpillar AR App
  • Rebel Interactive Group Alexa Chatbot
  • Rocawear Slot Machine game

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