Search engine marketing and digital marketing have become peers and have parity within a business’ marketing strategy. Meanwhile, users are inundated with content — especially emails (161 billion daily?!) — every single day. As marketers, that reality is staggering and overwhelming. We must think about email marketing differently and shift its importance from quantity and frequency to sophisticated, data-backed, personalized quality.

Consumer expectation is wildly more sophisticated than it used to be. They expect their experience is customized to their individual interactions with the brand, and their purchase history or engagement experiences must be seamlessly integrated into subsequent marketing they receive: it all has to feed off their history.

The data is your (brand) marketing weapon

It doesn’t matter which ESP you choose. The customer or prospective customer data you have available to you should be your priority strategic factor. What do you know about them, and how might you segment your email logic to serve their exact needs?

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That’s why Rebels provide strategic email consultation services that achieve sustainable marketing success through:

  • Email Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Email Implementation
  • Ongoing Email Strategy, Implementation and Campaign Support

The Number One question we strive to answer for our clients is: “How do we utilize email as part of the larger marketing mix and make it more effective?”

Email is a channel, which, when used correctly, can move people toward conversion, whatever that conversion point means to your business.

We’ll leave you with this… is your email marketing viewed as a waste of your customers’ time or are you ready to make it timely, relevant and impactful to your business?



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