Email Marketing

Search engine marketing and digital marketing have become peers and found parity within a business’ marketing strategy. Meanwhile, users are inundated with content — especially emails (293 billion daily?!). 

We must think about email marketing differently to break through the noise and shift its importance from quantity and frequency to sophisticated, data-backed, personalized quality.

Consumer expectation is wildly more sophisticated than it used to be. Consumers expect their experience to be customized to their individual interactions with the brand, and their purchase history or engagement experiences must be seamlessly integrated into subsequent marketing they receive: it all has to feed off their history.

Email is a channel, which, when used correctly, can move people toward conversion, whatever that conversion point means to your business. It is a powerful marketing tool that enables businesses to initiate and cultivate strong customer relationships over time. 

Namco Pool Email Campaign

The difference between a good email marketing program and a great one is planning. Identifying the right tools to use to ensure efficiency and deliverability, and mapping out who to send to, how often, and what to say are all key aspects in the email marketing strategy and planning process.  

Kenneth Cole Email Campaign

A great email marketing program cannot stand alone. Email marketing programs work most effectively if they are coordinated with your other marketing efforts (e.g. website, mobile, social media) and platforms (e.g. CRM, eCommerce). They need to reinforce messages, enhance customer relationships, and most of all drive specific actions. 

For an email marketing program to work effectively, it should be: 

  • Anchored by a strong email platform.
  • Relevant to the recipient and seen as something of value.
  • Received in the recipient’s inbox.  This may seem simple, but deliverability is a critical factor that is often overlooked. 
  • Reinforcing your brand’s overall look, tone, and maintaining consistent messaging with your other marketing programs.

Rebel recommends the following activities in support of a strong email marketing initiative:

  • Email/eCRM Audit & Strategy Recommendation
  • Email/eCRM Initial Implementation
  • List Hygiene Activities
  • Ongoing Strategy and Campaign Support

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