Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website may be dazzling and your content may be unique, but it’s meaningless if no one can find it.

That’s how Rebels think about search engine optimization: it’s about visibility. And it’s all about page one — because the best place to hide a body is page two of Google. And why would you want to do that?

We look at the big picture — and every little detail

With each update, search engine algorithms get more sophisticated, which means every detail matters. We build comprehensive SEO strategies for our clients nationally and beyond, which include all of the following:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link-Building 
  • Keyword Research
  • Amazon SEO
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • International SEO

We’re not concerned about vanity metrics or meaningless numbers. We use data, and we’re laser-focused on reaching your target audience.

Keyword Research and Strategy

A winning SEO strategy isn’t just about search engines; it’s about understanding how people think. Specifically, we look for the terms people actually search for — and how they search for it. Rebel’s SEO team constantly reviews search data, follows trends and anticipates shifts so your site is always optimized for the right terms to get your brand in front of consumers every time.

Our keyword research not only informs SEO but also content marketing, ad copy, social media strategy, and every other aspect of your brand’s presence. When we understand the words your target customers use, we know precisely how to reach them.

On-Page SEO

Your website is the foundation of your digital presence: keeping it optimized for search has implications for everything else that points back to it. After performing comprehensive keyword research and identifying primary keywords to rank for, we optimize every aspect of your page, including title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, and body copy to maximize organic traffic and visibility.

Additionally, we make sure your content is accessible by all users, including those with disabilities. By incorporating website accessibility standards into our SEO best practices, we help you achieve WCAG compliance and enhance the overall user experience of your website. Whether it’s making a few tweaks or tearing the whole thing up and starting from scratch, we bring the right tools and the right approach to get your site optimized quickly and efficiently.

Off-Page SEO

So much of SEO is determined by off-site signals, such as inbound links from other websites. We utilize industry best practices and innovative techniques to ensure search engines get all the right signals about how great your brand is — and get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Technical SEO

Our SEO experts work hand-in-hand with our technical and development team to make sure your website is fundamentally sound, from top to bottom. A lot of this happens “under the hood,” but you’ll absolutely see the difference in your organic search results.

Local SEO and Citation Management

From managing your directory listings to getting you more five-star reviews, local SEO needs to be a major plank of your digital strategy. Our local SEO services include Google My Business optimization, reputation management, local listings management, and more.

Ready to start ranking? You’re ready to Rebel.

SEO should be an integral part of your digital strategy. That’s how we approach it at Rebel: we look at every detail, and we put all the pieces together to give you incredible visibility and a better ROI.

Ready to get your brand on the way to Page One for the terms your target customers search the most? Contact us to get started.

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