You never stop hearing about it and its volume is only increasing in every sense of the word.

But Rebels rise above the social media cacophony: we apply purpose and strategy to your social messaging to achieve meaningful outcomes, which is music to your brand’s ear.


Before you can play any game, you need to know A) your objective, and B) the rules. The same general approach applies to social media strategic planning. Without knowing the rules, you’ll never be able to win.

The same general approach applies to social media strategic planning. The game is: what do you do with all this content? What’s the best content for your audience? Is it video? The written word? Blogs? Links? Influencer conversations? The rules are: When should it be posted? How often and where?

These are questions Rebel can help you answer. Rebel collaborates with you to deliver meaningful strategies that move you past “likes,” “comments” and “follows,” and elevates your brand to real engagement and data.

And data wins the game. This includes content planning, developing content calendars, coaching of best posting practices and resources, and monitoring and optimizing based on what gets the most engagement. We collaborate with you to amplify your brand’s voice above the social noise.


Reporting, Insights, and ROI

From reach and engagement to likes and retweets (and whatever currently nonexistent words that will become part of tomorrow’s lexicon), we report on KPIs and we get into the nitty-gritty to further drive success.

Social Media Advertising and Promotions

Remember the noise? Rising above it necessitates amplification. Social media advertising and promotions are excellent strategies to up the volume on engagement strategies. Social media advertising enables businesses to be more focused and reach the audiences they want to reach, and since many social networks offer website conversion tracking, it’s easy to track your ROI. We can help you decide if advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or any social media channels will improve the return on your advertising dollars. We also create strategic promotions on social media channels including sweepstakes, surveys, polls and other engagement strategies that get people talking about and engaging with your brand.

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