Explainer Videos

Let’s be honest: most people don’t learn well by just reading text. When you really need to explain something, you have to harness the power of audio and video.

The numbers bear that out: people retain 95% of a message after watching a video, compared to just 10% for text. And that’s true in either a B2C or B2B context: 59% of executives say they prefer watching video to reading text if both are available.

Whether you’ve got something to explain to your customers, your employees or the general public, explainer videos are the answer. Compelling and informative video content stands out in a crowded space and establishes your brand as an authority and thought leader.

Rebel Interactive’s explainer video production team gets you there. We produce compelling informational and educational video content and strategically deploy those videos to make sure your message sticks in as many minds as possible.

Here are a few examples of our explainer video work:

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