Marketers have been having a hard time proving the value of social media for years now. Survey after survey shows that digital marketers just aren’t getting the social media analytics they need to prove what they know to be true: That social media is important to their overall business goals.

You would think that since social media has been around for a while, and new software is being developed daily, that digital marketers would finally feel confident in the power of social media, but according to the 2015 Social Media Trends Report from TrustRadius, that is far from the reality.

Social Media Marketing Issues

In this report, nearly 600 social media experts from all sizes of companies responded with their insights into the current social media marketing situation. Here are the main things these digital marketers have a problem with:

  • Proving ROI – It’s a matter of fact that companies need to make a profit. They aren’t going to keep throwing money into a marketing strategy that isn’t giving them a return on investment. While most digital marketers understand the hidden value of social media marketing—such as increasing brand awareness and encouraging website traffic—more than 60% of them are having extreme difficulties showing that the platforms are actually bringing in money for the company.
  • Shrinking Budgets – If the digital marketer can’t show in black and white how effective social media marketing is, their budget for it begins to dwindle. And with less money to put into their efforts, they will be able to make less of a difference, and have an even harder time demonstrating the need for social media marketing.
  • Lacking Interpretable Social Media Analytics – Approximately 80% of the respondents are not satisfied with the social media analytics they currently have access to. They feel that they have to use too many different tools to get any kind of quantifiable data (most companies are using at least three), and even though they trust the data they do receive, they aren’t content with the amount of information shown to them. They would like for the analytics to clearly show how social media marketing aligns with their core business goals, such as increasing revenue and gaining quality leads.

Rebel is Here to Help

While most digital marketers have access to social media marketing analytical tools, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, etc., it’s clear that they are still struggling with proving the effectiveness of their efforts. That’s where Rebel Interactive Group comes in to save the day. Our social media specialists will help you make sense of your social media analytics and provide strategy recommendations so you can finally feel confident in your social media marketing efforts.

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