Social Media Marketing

Social media social media social media. (Marcia Marcia Marcia) You never stop hearing about it and its volume is only increasing in every sense of the word. But Rebels rise above the social media cacophony: we combine social messaging with strategy to achieve meaningful outcomes, which is music to your brand’s ear.

Rebels strive to create relationships. We help you meet your customers where they gather (name your water cooler, from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and every platform between) by participating in, listening to, and leading the conversation. We place you where you will be relevant and where your brand will resonate.

Social media strategic planning and strategy

Before you can play any game, you need to know A) your objective, and B) the rules. The same general approach applies to social media strategic planning. Without knowing the rules, you’ll never be able to win the game. By combining relevant messaging with analytics and design, Rebels collaborate to deliver concrete business intelligence and user insight. And by “insight,” we don’t mean just “likes,” “comments” or “follows.” We mean engagement and data, and data wins the game. We also collaborate with clients with in-house social media teams to brainstorm exciting ways to amplify your brand’s voice among the social noise.

Full service social media management

From soup to nuts and cheese to crackers, we manage social media content planning, creation, calendars, posting, monitoring, responding, and optimizing based on what’s getting the most engagement.

Social media advertising and promotions

If you’re primed to pump up awareness or engagement, social media promotion is the way to go. We work with our clients to create strategic promotions that get people talking about — and engaging with — your brand.

Reporting, insights and ROI

From reach and engagement to likes and retweets (and whatever other currently nonexistent words that will become part of tomorrow’s lexicon), we report on KPIs and we get into the nitty-gritty to further drive success.