You’re perusing our Rebel Interactive Group site (it’s nice to see you, by the way!) and you’ve stumbled upon one of our cooler digital tentacles: Rebel Innovations. It looks like us, it sounds like us, and it even smells like us, but how is it connected to us? Allow us to explain.

Rebel Innovations is the ingenious entity of Rebel Interactive Group, aimed to serve custom digital solutions to propel your business forward. As the innovative arm of Rebel Interactive Group – a proverbial R&D team and laboratory – the Rebel Innovations team develops affordable, scalable solutions ranging from employee and customer engagement programs to gamification and social aggregators. The solution might begin as a microscopic thought in our lab, but it can alter the course of your business.


Our indefatigable team has created some cool solutions, and we are here to tackle any challenges and solve any problems — even the ones you didn’t know you have.


Here’s how Rebel Innovations works: You have a specific business need, whether it’s a problem you’ve encountered, an obstacle you want to punch through, or a goal you just can’t quite reach. We license you our homemade and hand written (metaphorically speaking) code, customized to your needs. We implement the solution that will help grow your business.

Rebel Innovations has an edge, and we’ll use it to your advantage. To learn more:

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