That clever product name™ you just thought of? It’s taken. Your brand new and definitely unique™ company name? Someone’s probably using it. This can make the process of trademark registration very difficult.

A new paper analyzed millions of trademark applications and found what you might have suspected: it can be extremely challenging to come up with good (read, clever and unique) names for new products and companies.

Below are some tips you should consider before trying out a new name for your company and/or product:

  • Keep it simple: Shoot for around seven letters for a new name, the paper’s authors say,
    because in recent years the length of words of registered trademarks has gotten longer.
  • Make it authentically different: your new name should be significantly different from anything else any other company is using, and it should be the only one in use because, the study says, “Copycat” brand names that imitate legitimate brands can be DOA.
  • Start over: the English language is constantly evolving. (Who knew what a “google” was 20 years ago?) “Neologisms” — new words — can have a lasting impact if they’re brand-appropriate and contextually positive. The study cites the positive connotations of the word, Verizon, which rhymes with horizon, a lovely association. But on the flip side of the coin, collective history has a less sunny memory of Ford’s infamous Edsel. (You never heard of it?) Sure, it was a flawed automobile, but its name also invoked a less than appealing image: a “weasel.” (Apologies to weasel fans, of course.)

So, when it comes to a new name, you need to “own it,” in every sense of the word. And if you need help coming up with an earthshaking™ new name for your company or brand, contact Rebel Interactive Group.

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