As Rebel’s Content Marketing and Social Media Manager, Allison Minutillo thrives in a fast-paced environment, which is fitting because Allison admits that she just cannot sit still.

And she’s a crusader of curiosity: “I’m always in search of the next big thing, the next adventure and the next opportunity to learn something new.” Her foray into marketing was itself an adventure. She dreamed of studying musical theatre in college but decided on pre-med instead, quickly changing her mind when she attended her first college biology class — with 1,000 other freshman. “Marketing it was,” she says.

Obsessed with watching golf on TV and an equally big fan of her American bulldog, Tyson, and Anthony, her “hilarious, inquisitive and sweet” toddler, Allison has enough energy and curiosity for all of us. In fact, we might just aim her toward her next adventure and sit down and watch some golf…

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