“Soisson: from a variant of medieval French — soçon, sosson; ‘companion,’ ‘partner,’ ‘workmate.’”

We don’t know why the dictionary doesn’t include the words, “Unstoppable force,” because that’s how we define Pam. She has in integral role in just about every major (and minor) move we make at Rebel Interactive Group, and she does so insightfully and with precision.

As our Vice President of Marketing Strategy, Pam surgically crunches monumental amounts of data. Then, with enthusiasm and keen insight, she always generates jaw-dropping ideas and marketing strategies. And she does all this with super-human speed and unflinching generosity.

Pam makes it all look so easy, and she makes our jobs a little easier as well.

Whenever we have a question, big or small, major or minor (smart or… There’s no such thing as “not-so-smart” question), Pam’s the first person we ask. We only hope she doesn’t answer in French.

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