He eschews being codified as a Ringo Starr or a Charlie Watts, because as a percussionist and Rebel’s chief branding officer, Paul Pita has always marched to the beat of his own drum(mer).

A first-generation Cuban, Paul’s an enthusiast of Latino food and music. And as a musician, he’s a big fan of Led Zeppelin, The Police and U2 (among others). He also adores his dog, Coby, a cavachon who accompanies him to the office and who enjoys sleeping upside down.

When he’s not drumming in venues diverse as statewide festivals, bars and coffeehouses, Paul brings an innovative perspective to brand marketing. His philosophy is to engage in open dialogue and share ideas, and he does so with one goal in mind: to spark the next great idea.

But before any next great ideas: percussion and puppies. A guy has priorities, after all.

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