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Who we are

We’re not for those content with the status quo. We are rebels, after all. But we are not careless. We rebel with purpose. Informed. Compelling. Precise. A team of brilliant, talented, award-winning subject matter experts that come together for a greater purpose: to inspire and empower our clients to realize what they’re capable of. 

Together, Rebel x your brand are a force multiplier. Together, the opportunities we define and the approach we craft will be revolutionary. Together, we will leave our mark on the future. 

 Are you in? 










Rebel Interactive Group was founded on the idea that there is a rebel living inside each of us, just waiting to be awakened. 


As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency, we constantly push boundaries, break down silos, and encourage our clients to unleash their inner rebel.


Marketing is only part of our story. We’ve created an ecosystem of brands that make up the Rebel Realm. We’ve tapped our strengths and passions to expand into verticals such as SaaS products, apparel, and education. And we’re just getting started. 

Our People

Rebels are strategic and steadfast. We deliver unparalleled service and outstanding performance for our clients by helping them connect their brands, products, and services to their customers and communities. We’re a digital-first agency that makes authentic connections with real people.

Our Culture

In the Rebel culture, work is not so much embedded in the way we do what we do as it is part of our ethos. We don’t just want to deliver great results, we want to do it in our own rebellious style. That starts with work-life balance and being a part of a strong team that empowers you everyday.

We’re passionate about what we do and we forge relationships that transcend digital marketing. Everything we do is built on teamwork and commitment. The result? One hell of a good time.